Baby Unit – Cherub room & Wings room

Our under 2’s unit is designed for babies to develop at their own pace, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere which mimics the home environment.  We have two separate baby rooms – our youngest baby room catering for babies 3 months to roughly 15 months or when we feel they’re ready to move to the next age group. Our older baby room caters for babies roughly 15 months up to 2 years of age. The staff in these room will implement various sensory & tuff tray activities for the babies to explore their senses. Amongst our youngest baby room we have the baby room, baby changing area, baby kitchen & a sensory room. Amongst our older baby room we have the baby room itself & a separate nappy changing area outside the room.

The ratio in this room is 1:3. This room, like all our rooms has activities in line with the EYFS, which helps babies to develop their learning for their next stage in life. In these rooms the babies will explore the world around them through their senses, therefore we offer a wide range of toys, activities & sensory sessions for the babies to explore. We follow the individual routines of the children in these rooms, making sure each child has their own needs met. Our baby room staff are highly experienced in providing a nurturing & caring environment for the babies to thrive in, holding 15 plus years of experience between them of looking after the under 2’s.