For us here at Little Angels it’s so important that not only your child is happy in the nursery environment but also that you as the parents are happy. We pride ourselves in creating great relationships with both you and your child. At the beginning of your new journey into nursery you and your child are encouraged to attended settling in sessions where you’ll meet our staff team and we will discuss your child’s routine and development. Over the course of the next few weeks while your child settles into nursery we will be looking at who will become your child’s key person. This person will support you as a family through the nursery experience and will be in charge of looking after your child’s development. Each day your child will come home with a daily care sheet that records your child’s activities from the day, your child’s food intake and sleep record.


This room is for our 3 months to confident walkers. We place great emphasis on a calm and caring atmosphere where babies feel secure in the setting.

Activities are organised to meet each child’s individual needs. Activities provided are there to encourage and develop your child’s explorative impulses through their senses. We really enjoy getting messy in Cherubs and babies are given the opportunity to take part in creative activities. We also enjoy spending time outdoors in our baby garden enjoying the fresh air. We also have a separate sleep room where children can relax if thy prefer a more quiet sleep space. We do ask that you provide your own milk and bottles until your child is able to eat solid foods. In Cherubs we encourage you to bring a bag with spare clothes. We will also provide you with a home nursery diary where we have opportunities to leave notes for each other about what your little one has been upto at home.


This room is for children aged 1 year to 2 years. This room is part of our under twos unit.  The room is designed to be an extension of our Cherubs room allowing our confident walkers to flourish in a faster paced room. Observations and children’s interests are used for our planning to create activities that are fun and stimulating. We aim to support children in developing new skills such as their fine motor skills and sharing and playing alongside others. In wings we really enjoy singing and story time individually or in small groups. Just like cherubs we enjoy exploring the messy play whether that be gloop, spaghetti or paint.


This room caters for children aged 2 year to 3 years. Like the Cherub’s and Wings your child will have a key person who will support their learning and development. Observations and children’s interests are the basis for our planned activities within halos. We look to support children’s learning with a variety of child and adult led activities. Halo’s children are now at the stage of their development where friendships with peers are very important and staff support children as they begin this journey. We also encourage independence through a wide variety of activities that enable them to have fun while developing their personal, social and emotional skills.


This room is for our Preschool children aged 3  years to 5 years. It’s within this room that we begin the starting blocks for preparation for big school. Our room is set up to mimic a class room environment that is safe and fun allowing children to be supported in reaching their full potential. 

Your children will take part in activities that are based on children’s interests and observations carried out by our staff team. All planning is linked to the early years foundation stage criteria.

We hold parents evenings twice yearly where parents are given the opportunity to fully discuss their child’s learning. However we are very keen to work alongside our parents and  additional parents evenings are always welcomed.

Children will enjoy being involved in a wide variety of activities from painting to more structured phonics activities.

School Features


We have a lovely large outdoor garden which we enjoy spending time in all year round.

Phonics bear

Here at Little Angels we have Kate who runs Phonics Bear attend the nursery offering additional phonics lessons on a Thursday Morning. For more information please don't hesitate to speak to a member of staff.


New Nursery term begins 7th September 2020.

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